Ph.D. and postdoctoral positions

Edinburgh Castle viewed from Calton Hill.

Ph.D. positions: One project is available:

Whole-cell modelling:
A well-funded position is available within a Marie Curie network to perform mathematical modelling and analysis of translation and growth in budding yeast. Applicants must be able to start in 2018 and have modelling experience, be EU citizens, and not currently be resident in the UK.

Additional projects are also possible.

Successful applicants will work at SynthSys, the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology, one of the largest groupings of synthetic and systems biologists in the U.K., in the bespoke C.H. Waddington building.

For postdoctoral candidates, please write ( to see if a position is currently available. There are also fellowships from the Human Frontier Science Program (deadline at the end of August), the Newton International fellowship (deadline in April), and various Marie Curie possibilities.