Peter Swain

SynthSys, Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh EH9 3BF, Scotland, UK
Tel: +44 131 650 5451

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After an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics with Andy Parry at Imperial College, I postdoc'd with Reinhard Lipowsky at the Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, including a winter at Tel Aviv University with David Andelman, and then with Eric Siggia at the Rockefeller University. In 2002, I held my first faculty position at McGill University in the then Centre for Non-linear Dynamics under the wise mentorship of Leon Glass, Michael Guevara, and Mike Mackey. I returned to the UK, although as a joint Canadian citizen, in 2008 to become a SULSA Professor of Systems Biology at the University of Edinburgh.